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About Tech Cloud Ltd.

Tech Cloud Ltd. is a global Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) – outsource service provider dealing small and large clients  all over the world since 2013.

Our service list compiled with Website Design & Development, Branding & Design and global Internet Marketing to boost your business. We pledged to build long term relation with our clients with excellent service.

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E-Commerce Website Service

the secret of successful business lies in the functional and customer-oriented E-commerce Website Service

Gear Up and Take Control in The Market With Our Full Range E-Commerce Website Services

  • Excellent Design With High Conversion

    Our expertise is capable of making customer oriented website to accelerate user experience also can ensure maximum customer conversion. Our design not just confined with an attractive design but also we can depict your business in front of your customer in a convenient manner and deliver your message effectively. It is high time that you should take our service and fast forward to the future market.

  • Fast Page Loading

    The first impression can either make the huge conversion or drown in the deep water. We are the best e-commerce website design company with dedicated expertise team to design such an algorithm to make your website flawless and fast loader.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Swift revenue can be gained only when your website is prior to the search engine. Customer spends less time searching and more time browsing. Spread your reach using SEO in your website to gain more traffic and more conversion. Don’t surrender your online transaction or personal information with a lower level security measure. Take our best service for granted so that you can seat back and relax. Our full security range can keep your every itty-bitty information safe from every bad hand or threat you will because we use the latest tools to preserve your information guarded.

  • Availability On All Mobile Devices

    Did you know customer’s interest grow when they find proper information that fulfills their queries? Are you aware of the fact that at present online shopping through smart devices has become phenomenally famous? A professional, customer oriented and all device compatible e-commerce website can give the noticeable result to your business.

  • Smart Search

    You have to be smart to run your business smoothly and functionally! Do you know what smart and successful businessmen do? They find out a way to compete in the market and smart search is one of the ways to make your business reach the peak. We have the capability to trigger your business revenue. We are just a few clicks or a phone call away!

  • Best E-Commerce Shopping Cart

    In an online shopping business, it is a must to have an e-commerce shopping cart so that your customer can enjoy shopping from you as well as it has the prominent characteristics such as client’s information, product-related data, and other materials as well.

  • Automatic Site Back Up

    You lost your valuable data but your business and your world will not end here. Let us collaborate to run your business without any data losing stress because your data and everything is our concern. We use the latest Automated-Site backup to face any unwanted situation/Obstacles.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

    Customer nowadays backing up from online shopping because of the insecure payment method. Worry not! Our experienced team can help you to establish a secure payment gateway so that customer can shop and pay without any ambivalence. Earn your customer belief with the believable method.

  • Marketing Tools Inclusion

    Plan everything based on the customer’s requirements and their behavior. We are always here to guide you and assist you to dig down information relevant to improve your business. Our full range e-commerce service includes email marketing, affiliate programs, reward system or social media
    marketing so that you can step forward than others.

  • Social Share

    The more sharing you get on the social media platform, the more recognition you will get because customers are inter-connected/chained up with each other on these social media platforms. We can guarantee your product or services gets the maximum share.

  • User Management

    Personal account for your customer on your website makes your business more classy and professional at the same time. We have experienced website development team to establish excellent user management system. Register, account management is only a medium to keep them updated about your product but also you are making a room for your customers to feel comfortable to shop from you.